Coming home

My New Album containing eleven songs set into a natural environment.

Product Description

Coming home – My new downloadable album is now for sale on C.D. baby.

About the songs.
1, Morning Meditation (High Spirits flute in A)
Many times I will start my day with a meditation on the natural world around me. This is what this song emulates as it takes one into the natural world singing its own melody.
2, Weetamoo (low sub bass flute in E by Bryan Gall)
Weetamoo was a Pocasset Wampanoag Native American Chief. She was born in the Mattapoiset village of the Pokanoket and died at Taunton River. Her story inspired this song as she was someone who struggled for her people’s independence. This song wishes to honor her life and role in King Phillips war.
3, Oceans between us (Anasazi flute by Geoffrey Ellis)
For many years the East Coast was my home. The infinite vastness of the ocean has inspired many. This song suggests not only the ocean, but the vastness of the cultures that were here in the beginning of first contact between the indigenous peoples and Europeans in the very early days of colonial conquest.
4, Gentle Storm (low C flute by Geoffrey Evans)
The sounds of rolling thunder were recorded using a field recorder with a stereo microphone. It became the perfect backdrop for a meditative flute piece. A storm’s calm but powerful presence can bring the mind to fully experience the present moment.
5, Sunset (Beautiful flute by Hawk Henries)
This smaller flute played in harmony with its lower cousin symbolizes the duality of life. The inherent quality of one dominant aspect being in the foreground while the opposite lingers in the background.
6, Quinnapin (low sub bass flute in E by Bryan Gall)
Quinnapin was betrothed to Weetamoo. He was the last, grandson of the powerful Narragansett Sachem Canonicus. This seemed to be a strong marriage. The pair had at least one child together, who died in 1676. He, like many of his time, fought for his people’s independence.
7, Full Moon (High Spirits flute in A)
This song was played on the first flute that was ever gifted to me and it is special for that reason. Sometimes we don’t realize what a small gift can do but we should never underestimate its ability to transform relationships.
8, Summer Night (Anasazi flute by Geoffrey Ellis)
The joy of relaxing to the sounds of a summer night. The F# Anasazi flute used in this song is a very long flute and can require its own discipline, but the depth of its sound is well worth the effort.
9, Quinnapin’s reprieve (low sub bass flute in E by Bryan Gall)
Quinnapin was captured during the King Phillips war and taken to Newport where he was executed.
10, Evergreen (low sub bass flute in E by Bryan Gall)
My wish for us all is to value this earth beyond its ability to satisfy our material needs. It is alive and because it is alive we can live as well. Nothing can replace the environment’s ability to sustain us, so it is with great care that we should look upon how we treat it.
11, Coming Home (Anasazi flute by Geoffrey Ellis)
The circle is complete. We leave and we return. Everything in our lives could be said to be within the circle of life. Every journey must end and within every ending is a new beginning. The goal is not the destination. The goal is to find the joy of life within the journey itself. The joy is in the journey, and so I wish it for you as well.