Flute Meditation Music

The Ancient Traditions of Anasazi and Eastern Woodlands flutes.

Since the discovery of Anasazi flutes at Prayer Rock Canyon in 1931, flute makers have been replicating this beautiful instrument with its unique scale and haunting tone. The past twenty years has seen a revival in our appreciation of these flutes, and reintroduced us to a musical experience that had long since been lost.

Although the indigenous two-chamber North American flute had been developed and used by many tribes, Eastern Woodlands flutes have their own distinctive history and design. They have been a part of this continent’s musical tradition for over a thousand years, and their uniqueness allows the musician and the listener to experience something that no other instrument can reproduce.

Both the Anasazi and Eastern Woodlands flutes create an intimate spiritual experience from which a sense of peace and comfort can be enjoyed.
I hope you will join me on this journey through life with spirit as our guide and music as our inspiration.

May we find Peace Today